Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Washington "New York Times" Post?

(Disclaimer: I'm a lifelong Orioles fan so I may sound biased; please know that is not meant to be an anti-Yankees blog -- they deserved their 27th World Series win; And I'm glad Jeter got his 5th ring)

When I picked up my Washington Post today (or was it the New York Times this morning?), I was dismayed to see the large photo of the Yankees winning the series on the front page above the fold. What a way to rub it in to all the Orioles and Nats fans in the region. I could understand if it was a brief metion on the bottom of the front page as a teaser to the Sports section (by the way, if you have not read it; great column by Boswell this morning). But why such a large photo of the team celebration on the front page? Wasn't there more important local news to cover? Let's see: Yesterday, there were issues with the traffic lights in Montgomery County (which was on the bottom of the front page) and Metro had technical issues as well. Seems like a combined commuter-oriented story would have been more appropriate.

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