Sunday, September 27, 2009

Introducing Mitch's Beltway Banter

Hello all:

I've talked about doing a blog for quite some time. It has taken me awhile as I am someone who tends to remain behind the scenes. Plus, I wanted to ensure anything I posted would be worthwhile, intriguing and/or full of possible insights. Or just plain funny!

Anyway, the intent of the title, "Mitch's Beltway Banter," is really a play on the fact that I grew up in Baltimore and have spent the majority of my post-college life in the DC area (I have lived on both sides of the Potomac). So any of my banter (really dialogue) will likely be related to musings, happenings, thoughts, etc., taking place and affecting lives in between and around 495 and 695. Then again, my postings may not. Anyway, I hope to begin posting things as frequently as I can. Please know that I am more about quality than quantity.

Anyway, enjoy! Thoughtful feedback is encouraged.


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